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9 Horse postcards for the benefit of the ALS foundation!

Martine from BellaVie PhotoArt has photographed the amazing Andalusian stallions from Sabien Zwaga in a fairytale setting. The first reaction was: “How beautiful!!! It looks like postcards”. Martine and Sabien decided to offer a selection of these photo’s as postcards.

The profit will go to the ALS foundation. Martine has a warm heart for the ALS foundation since her sister was diagnosed with ALS in 2019 and passed away in 2020. There has to be done a lot of research. It is a good way to contribute to that.


This initiative was developed in collaboration with various parties. Thanks to:

Do you also want to contribute to this great cause and receive 9 beautiful postcards?

Price: 18,10 USD
Shipping costs:  5,85 USD

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