I can fully imagine you want to have a click with your photographer on the most important day of your life. That is why I would like to meet beforehand without obligation, in which we can exchange information immediately. You guys share all your ideas about your wedding and I can give you information how I work.

If I am going to photograph your wedding, I find it a good thing to see the location beforehand. So if it is possible we will make sure we can do that. On the day itself I take care that everything is perfectly photographed but I try not to be clearly present. For example, I make sure I have soft shoes (or slippers) in the wedding room so you don’t hear me walking. They are small things, but it is very much appreciated.

I also to eliminate risks as much as possible. For example, I always have 2 good cameras with me if something unexpected happens with one of the cameras. And to also rule out that sickness or conditions occur I work with other photographers so that I can approach them quickly. Should I be prevented at the last minute (and that’s only when it really can’t be any different) I can offer an alternative. In this way you are not confronted with the care to arrange another photographer at the last minute (but of course the choice at that time is yours).

There’s always someone with me to support me, but who also takes pictures of moments I can’t address. For example, if I focus on the exchange of the rings, the other photographer can photograph the guest’s reactions. If you really want a professional ‘second shooter’ it can also be arranged. This way we ensure a beautiful overall experience of the day where you can look back to with great pleasure!

I have several choices in packages:

Package 1:

Per hour. I shoot from 3 hours for € 695,- (incl. VAT).

Every extra hour is € 100,-.

Package 2:

8-hour photography package for € 1095,-.

package 3:

Total package of 8 hours photography, a very luxurious wedding album (35cm x 35cm), 2 mini-albums and a USB box with stick with the photos digitally) for € 1499,-.

Feel free to contact us for more information and prices via!


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