Who am I?

Martine is an award winning photographer and specializes in action photography with animals (horses), but also in photographing weddings and spontaneously photograph people/children.

“What I like about photographing is its versatility. For me, a shoot is never the same. If a shoot is booked, I will make a picture in my mind of how we will do the shoot and what the result should be in terms of atmosphere. The customer actually does not notice this because during the shoot I want it to be as spontaneous as possible. Children can themselves while I shoot around them. Of course, I look at the light, etc. But the children do not notice it. So I get the most spontaneous photos and relaxed people and that’s my goal. And as a mother of a 17-year-old son I also know my way around teenagers too:-)

I also love to share my knowledge. That’s why I give workshops with great regularity. It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic the participants are in the workshops and also how there are going to shoot with passion. I get a lot of energy from that.


As mentioned, travelling is also a great passion and I also combine this with photography by organizing beautiful photography trips to Andalusia (Spain) and Portugal.

And as the text on the wall in my office says:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments”

And that’s what I am committed too….


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