There are several course/workshop possibilities:

1. Basic Course manual shooting € 125,-

2. Workshop Lightroom € 195,-

3. Workshop Photoshop € 195,-

4. Workshop studiophotography € 250,-

5 Follow-up and customized workshops € 250

6. Combination Photography Workshop & Edit (LR &PS) € 150,-


1. Basic course shooting manually.
Have you always wanted to get more out of your reflex camera? Then learn to operate the camera completely manually. You can achieve so many more effects if you know how to set the camera correctly in every situation. The basic course is given in small groups (5-8). It consists of a theory section and a practice section (from 10am to about 15.30 hrs). The practice afternoon focuses on portrait and action photography. Costs € 125,-.

Schedule for the following scheduled courses: “will be further defined for 2019”

2. Workshop Lightroom
In this workshop you will learn to edit your photos in Lightroom. This course is given 1 to 1. Duration approximatly 4 hours (including lunch). Costs € 195,-.

3. Workshop Photoshop
This workshop is also given 1 to 1 and lasts 4 hours (including lunch). Since it is not possible to learn whole Photoshop in 4 hours, you can specify which parts you want to learn beforehand. Costs € 195,-.

4. Workshop Studio Photography
Would you like to do studio photography yourself? Then you can learn the basics during this course. After a theoretical part we practice with a model in the studio of BellaVie PhotoArt. This course is also given 1 to 1 and lasts 4 hours. If you want to follow this course for two, please contact us. Costs € 250,-.

5. Follow-up courses/workshops
The follow-up courses will focus on what the student wants to develop further. For example, some want to know more about photographing with natural light or shooting at sunset. This course specifically deals with the needs of the student and is also given 1 to 1. Costs € 250,-.

6. Combination photography and editing courses
In this group course we photograph a number of beautiful settings after which we will edit the photos. You’ll need basic knowledge of manual shooting and a laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop. When editing, you’ll learn how to eliminate distracting elements from a photograph, replace skies and add a sun. The workshop is € 150,-

Once you have followed a course at BellaVie PhotoArt, you can (if you wish) be added to a private facebookpage that all students are in. You can always ask questions, submit photos and share opinions.

Would you like to learn something about other topics in photography or want more information about the above courses? Please feel free to contact Bellavie PhotoArt via


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